How Hemp Can Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Posted by Kourtlyn Immel on Oct 6th 2020

How Hemp Can Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

CBD, or cannabidoil, has been gaining praise for its long list of proclaimed benefits. But did you know its source, hemp, has the potential to greatly reduce our carbon footprint?

Our planet is constantly under environmental stress, such as: Air pollution, waste, and deforestation to name a few. Most of us know the basics of how to help the environment. Taking a bike to work rather than a car, choosing to recycle when possible, buying from companies who sustainably source their ingredients..etc. With a shift in society being more aware of our carbon footprint, many items are now starting to be integrated with hemp to reduce waste.

Here are four uses and replacements that hemp can aid in a better, brighter future for all:

1. Hemp Plastic -Studies have found hemp-based plastics are 5x stiffer and 2.5x stronger than traditional plastic made from polypropylene. Companies ranging from automobile manufacturing, to dog toys, are now utilizing hemp plastic.

2. Hemp Building Materials -Hemp building materials are better for your health, they withstand the test of time, are much better quality than their non-renewable counterparts, and they are much easier on the environment.

3. Hemp Clothing -Clothing material made from hemp isn’t only stronger than cotton; it’s lightweight, absorbent, UV resistant, and flame resistant.

4. Hemp Farming -No tree or plant species on Earth has the commercial, economic and environmental potential of hemp. Over 300,000 known products can be produced from hemp.